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The complete Web Enabled Solution for the Publishing Industry


The World's Leading Magazine Management Software.
The Magazine Manager is the most Comprehensive Magazine Management software platform designed for the Magazine Industry serving more than 3200 magazines and websites, with another 60 titles being added each month.

In short, it's the publishing industry's most important productivity tool. It's the only software in the world that integrates sales, production, circulation and accounting workflow into one integrated database that can monitor the whole process from prospecting to the receipt of the payment for the ad. It's the only magazine software designed by publishers, for publishers.
Unlike other CRMs . The Magazine Manager was specifically designed for the Magazine Industry and integrates critical sales, production, and billing information across all departments in order to streamline communication and workflow, prevent creation of redundant systems, and duplicate data entry.

What Makes The Magazine Manager so Great!
Clients of The Magazine Manager benefit from a company which is developing state of the art products in the area of pagination, prospecting, ad serving software and online ad material management. We believe that The Magazine Manager's focus on the Magazine industry represents the future of publishing and separates us from CRM providers who don't specialize in or understand the nuances of the publishing industry.

Mobile Access via Smart Devices
The mobile web version for both iPhone and BlackBerry, as well as other internet capable smart phones. The application allows users to view their call backs, meetings, to do list, recent searches, new contracts, and employee phone numbers.

Web Enabled PC and MAC Compatible


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Ad Order Entry (print and web ads)
Accounts Receivable Management
Production Management
Circulation Management
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